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Just to let you all know...

My computer got a virus and I basically had to clear out my whole hard drive which means...no more photoshop for the time being. By next week I should have a new hard drive and (hopefully) CS4! I'll get to work on those icon requests as soon as I can and I should have a new big batch of BoF icons in store as well as more jfashion/kfashion stuff. If there are any movies/shows or anything else you guys would like to see iconned, leave a comment and let me know!
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kfashion - ?

total icons: 45

I was peer-pressured into posting this. Don't blame me if your eyes practically burn off.

Oh, and most of them are very old pictures... Well, not like very old. But you know. Like, a few months ago. So I'm not going to post them around.

05 x alice nine. (shou and tora)
09 x female (aoi yuu and erika toda) + 3 banners
05 x SHINee
14 x kfashion (lee hyuk soo, lemon cookie, manson)
08 x misc (namie amuro, shinobu from ?, koizora)
04 x uruha from the gazette


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